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Name: Thomas Point Shoal Light   Map it!

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Nearest Town or City:
Annapolis, Maryland, United States

Location: Entrance to South River, Chesapeake Bay.

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Photo: Beverly Reese
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Managing Organization:
Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse


Contact Address Information:
P.O. Box 5940
Maryland, 21403, United States

This is the only screwpile, cottage-type lighthouse remaining on its original site in the Chesapeake Bay. It is a National Historic Landmark. In 2004, the City of Annapolis, the Chesapeake Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society, the Annapolis Maritime Museum, and Anne Arundel County joined forces to obtain ownership of the lighthouse under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000. Ownership was officially transferred to the city of Annapolis on July 23, 2004. Public tours on board are available through Annapolis Maritime Museum -- see

Tower Height: 48

Height of Focal Plane: 43

Characteristic and Range: White flash every 5 seconds with 2 red sectors.

Description of Tower: Square wooden tower and lantern on roof of hexagonal dwelling.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
Integral, white wooden hexagonal dwelling on screwpile foundation.

Earlier Towers?
1825 and 1838: stone towers onshore; 1875: Screwpile lighthouse.

Date Established: 1825

Date Present Tower Built: 1875

Date Automated: 1986

Optics: 1875: Fourth order Fresnel lens (now at Commandant's office, Curtis Bay Yard, Baltimore), now 250 mm solar powered optic.

Fog Signal: Automated horn.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

This lighthouse is best seen by boat, but it can be seen from Thomas Point State Park at the end of Thomas Point Road. A good way to see the lighthouse is from cruises run by Watermark Cruises of Annapolis -- see

Mapquest URL: Click here to get a map to this lighthouse!

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: George Sullivan (first assistant 1874-1877), Eugene Burchenal (1875), Charles Miller (second assistant 1875-1877, first assistant 1877-1880, head keeper 1880-1881), George Miller (second assistant 1877-1879), Julius Warmkessel (second assistant 1879-1880, first assistant 1880-1881, head keeper 1881-1886), John Parrish (second assistant 1880-1881), Benjamin Atwood (first assistant 1881), George Culleton (second assistant 1881-1883, first assistant 1883, head keeper 1886-1901), Charles Roberts (second assistant 1881), John Suit (second assistant 1881, first assistant 1881-1883 and 1890-1891, head keeper 1904-1908), James Evans (first assistant 1883), Henry League (first assistant 1883-1884), Henry Rollins (first assistant 1884), Jesse Jackson (first assistant 1885), George Parkinson (first assistant 1885), John Reynolds (first assistant 1885-1886), James A. Proctor (first assistant 1886-1887), Charles Dillingham (first assistant 1887-1889), John Schirgur (first assistant 1889-1890), Charles Robinson (first assistant 1891-1897), Charles Hartmann (first assistant 1898-c. 1901), Henry Addicks (first assistant 1901-1903), Daniel White (1901-1904), Edward Jansen (first assistant 1903-1904), Peter S. Earle (first assistant 1904-1905), Henry Wingate (first assistant 1905-1907, head keeper 1908), Homer Austin (first assistant 1907-1908), Charles Larsen (first assistant 1907), Devaney Jennett (first assistant 1908-1909), John Kerley (first assistant 1908), William Schoenfelder (1908-1911), Samuel Norton (first assistant 1909-1910), Malachi Swain (first assistant 1909), John Tolson (first assistant 1909), Millard Cantler (first assistant 1909), John Ennis (first assistant 1910), Sheldon Van Houter (1911-c.1912), E. C. Harris (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953), Arnold W. Doyle (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953), Jesse B. Tolson (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953), Cecil Mason (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953), Sal Tarantino (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953), James O. Jacobs (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953), Thomas Crow (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953), Jesse C. Maddox (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953), Walter C. DeGroot (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953), G. M. Thomason (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953), G. W. Montgomery (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953), George Leikam (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1957-1958), Joseph C. Gollattsheck (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1957-1958), Robert Dors (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1957-1958), E. Stanley Koerner (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1957-1958), A. J. Simons (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1957-1958), Tylen Robbins (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1957-1958), Raymond Shamanski (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1957-1958), George W. Herpel (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1961-1962), Reginald E. Grant (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1961-1962), John M. Beals (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1961-1962), Irvin L. Sentz (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1961-1962), Henry T. McClung (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1961-1962), Berry T. Edgar (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1961-1962), Beverly L. Funkhouser (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1961-1962), Walter C. L. Gruber (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1961-1962), Robert G. Sigler (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1961-1962), William G. Dennis (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1961-1962), Thomas J. Salek (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1961-1962), Hastle E. Baber (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), Robert G. Roehm (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), Richard H. Sapp (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), Carl E. Wolcott (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), William H. Donoway (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), Harold E. Smith (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), R. M. Sands (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), M. R. Bullis (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), David A. Spatafora (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), Elmer J. Goodman (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), John E. Jones (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), J. Zwierzynski (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), James W. Tonkin (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1963-1964), George L. McGehee (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1965-1966), John E. Blick (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1965-1966), Alan C. Haynes (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1965-1966), Paul T. Outland (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1965-1966), Paul D. Van't Hoff (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1965-1966), Richard E. Conley (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1965-1966), Benson J. Ray (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1965-1966), William H. Watson (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1965-1966), James T. Nicholson (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1965-1966), Edgar W. Candler (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), Lem E. Wallace (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), George S. Hopkins (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), Ronald E. Grove (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), Michael P. Kissell (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), William J. Tunis (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), Paul D. Lemon (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), Herman S. Pritchard (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), Thomas P. Griffiths (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), Robert K. Szillage (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), W. J. Mitchell (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), William N. Fahey (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), J. D. Hallisey (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1967-1968), Alonzo O. Burris (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1969-1970), John Evans (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1969-1970), J. Kehring (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1969-1970), S. Swint (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1969-1970), Danny E. Mordecai (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1969-1970), Roger E. Hollenbeck (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1969-1970), Harry F. Leppo (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1969-1970), Richard W. Ferguson (U.S. Coast Guard, c. 1969-1970)

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