About the Lighthouse Digest and Foghorn Publishing

Our lighthouse adventure began in 1990 while we were visiting and researching the lighthouses of the New England Coast.

In 1991 we published our first book "Lighthouses of Maine and New Hampshire". In the back of that book we had an ad for the soon to be, Lighthouse Digest magazine.

So, in 1992, with only 34 paid subscribers, we started our monthly publication, Lighthouse Digest. As the magazine continued to grow, we soon opened our gift shop, Lighthouse Gifts and Country Crafts. And then in 1994, we sent out the first catalog, Lighthouse Depot, along with our friend and new partner, Don Devine. We also changed the name of the gift shop to Lighthouse Depot, to match the catalog's name.

After 10 busy and successful years, in 2004, we retired from the daily activities of Lighthouse Marketing Ltd. in order to devote 100% of our time to Lighthouse Digest magazine.

We continue to publish the wildly successful Lighthouse Digest, and are now publishing a variety of books on our favorite subject, Lighthouses. We thank you for helping us in Saving Lighthouse History!

Tim Harrison and Kathleen Finnegan

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