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Name: False Duck Island Light (new)  

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Also known as: False Ducks Light

Nearest Town or City:
Milford, Ontario, Canada

Location: Off Prince Edward Point, Quinte Peninsula, Lake Ontario.

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Photo: Canadian Coast Guard

Managing Organization:
Canadian Coast Guard

A lens and lantern from the original lighthouse are now part of a memorial tower at the Mariners Park Marine Museum in Milford, Ontario -- see entry for False Duck Island Light (old). This island is also known as Swetman Island after a family of longtime keepers.

Tower Height: 62

Height of Focal Plane: 72

Characteristic and Range: Flashing red every 4 seconds.

Description of Tower: Hexagonal concrete tower with red and white bands.

This light is operational

Earlier Towers?
1828: White, conical 63' tower.

Date Established: 1828

Date Present Tower Built: 1965

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

This light can be seen in the distance from Prince Edward Point.

Keepers: Joseph Swetman (1828-?), Fred Swetman (1863-1886), W.H. Lane (1886-1891), P.M. Farrington (1891-1894), J.H. Hudgins (1894-1903), Dorland Dulmage (1903-1912), J.W. Hudgins (1912-1918), G.E. Hudgins (1918-1923), K.A. Duetta (1923-1924), J. Hutchinson (1924-1927), Elmer Bongard (1927-1928), Kenneth McConnell (1928-1957), James McConnell (1957-1965)

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