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Name: Frenchman's Island Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Cicero, New York, United States

Location: West end of Frenchman's Island, Erie Canal System, Oneida Lake.

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Photo: Ted Smith
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Managing Organization:
New York State Canal System

Telephone: 518-471-5016


Tower Height: 105

Height of Focal Plane: 123

Description of Tower: 20-foot steel tower mounted on 85-foot concrete tower.

This light is operational

Date Established: 1918

Date Present Tower Built: 1918

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

Thanks to John Kulpa for these directions: "In the spring, summer or fall, don't hold out too much hope for getting a good look at this one. It is almost totally obscured by the trees that have reclaimed the island. The only part visible is the skeletal metal extension that was put on top, obviously to surmount the tree tops. That being said, the best place to view the top of the tower is probably from the community of Lower South Bay. As you follow Lakeshore Road from I-81, you come to an area just southwest of the island where there are no homes blocking the view and even an abandoned parking lot on the south side of the road where you can park, but the views are distant. Taking Long Point Road was fruitless; there was no view of the island from Long Point. There was an area in the vicinity of Forest Beach where you could actually see a little bit of the concrete tower, but you can't really stop and park because the road is narrow and it's all private property." Bill Edwards reports: "The only time to see this from shore is during the winter when the leaves have all dropped. Even then, you will not see much of anything below the platform of the light. Along Lake Shore Rd., very near the 'Lake Shore Yacht & Country Club' and on the same side of the road as the country club, there are two streets off of Lake Shore Rd. that essentially form a 'U' from the road to the shore line. They are Superior Ave. & Michigan Ave. There really isn't anywhere to park but stopping at either end along the shore line for few minutes should be ok, the road is not busy. You'll see the light near the left end of the island."

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