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November 2002

Photo By: Claire Clark

This month’s cover photo is Windmill Point Lighthouse in Alburg, Vermont taken by Claire Clark. The lighthouse was recently relit after having been dark since 1933 when the light was removed and placed atop a nearby skeleton tower. The lighthouse is one of two lighthouses privately owned by Lucky Clark and his son Rob. The other lighthouse they own is Isle LaMotte also in Vermont. Look for more in the next issue of Lighthouse Digest.

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Light Reflections

By Sharma Krauskopf

9th Annual Lighthouse Digest Photo Contest

And In The Print Edition ...

Bicentennial Beacon Beams Brightly on Birthday

By Jeremy D'Entremont

Burlington Bay Main Lighthouse: Ontario’s Forgotten Landmark

By Barbara Sheridan

Collecting Nautical Antiques

By Jim Claflin

First of 10-foot Tall Lighthouses for Hannaford’s Lighthouses on Parade Arrive in Maine

Gilbert’s Lighthouse

Harbour Lights Collectors’ Corner

By Sharon Coartney

Harbour Lights Gives Away the Gold

India’s New Vodaravu Lighthouse

By I C R Prasad

International Lighthouse Conference Declared a Gigantic Success

Keeper’s Korner

Lewes Historical Society: Preserving Our Lighthouse Heritage for Future Generations

By Bob Trapani, Jr.

Lighthouse Towered Over Lake Michigan Refuge

By Jim Merkel

Museum Gets New Lens

My Grandfather: The Keeper of the Light 1895 - 1939

By Betty Warner Ritzert

Mystery Keeper at Plum Island

By Jeremy D'Entremont

Rededication & Remembrance of Marblehead Light, Massachusetts

By Jeremy D'Entremont

Seguin Island Lighthouse Caretakers

Stinky's Surprise

The Great Lighthouse Mystery Solved

By Kevin P. Duffus

Women of the Light

By Jeremy D'Entremont

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