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Name: Round Island Light (MS)  

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Nearest Town or City:
Pascagoula, Mississippi, United States

Location: Pascagoula Harbor, Gulf of Mexico.

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Managing Organization:
Round Island Lighthouse Preservation Society

Contact Address Information:
P.O.Box 1034
Mississippi, 39568, United States

The original Round Island Lighthouse was replaced by a new 50-foot brick tower in 1859. This lighthouse was destroyed by Hurricane Georges in 1998. The Round Island Lighthouse Preservation Society and the City of Pascagoula have rebuilt the lighthouse at a new location using many bricks of the original tower as possible. The lighthouse will eventually be part of a public park.

Description of Tower: Conical brick tower.

This light is not operational

Earlier Towers?
1834: 45-foot brick tower; 1859 - 50-foot brick tower

Date Established: 1834

Date Deactivated: c. 1949

Date Automated: 1944

Optics: 1859: Fourth order Fresnel lens.

Current Use: Under restoration.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Curtis Lewis (1834-1839), Charles Quandrill (1839-1847), William Taylor (1847-1853), Lemuel Childress (1853-1865), Edwin Bailey (1865-1871), Charles Anderson (1871, died in service), Margaret Anderson (1871-1881), Mary Anderson (1881), John Murray (1881-1895), Robert Dimitry (1895-1904), Thorwald Hansen (1905-1907), Mrs. Mary Hansen (1907-1909); Mathlas Streckert (1907-1909?); Nirls Nilsru (?) (1909-1911); Dewitt Charles Powell (1916-1920); J. H. Portman (1917-1921); A. E. Steiner (c. 1929-1930s); William Edward Ewing (assistant c. 1929-1941, then Coast Guard 1941-1944); J. J. Oliver (c. 1936); C. H. Carlson (1937-1941); Elwood Ladnier (?-1949?)

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