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Name: Galloo Island Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Hounsfield, New York, United States

Location: Eastern Lake Ontario

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Photo: U.S. Coast Guard
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Managing Organization:
Private owner

This light station was sold at auction in September 2000. The buildings have fallen into disrepair in recent years. The lighthouse is still an active aid to navigation maintained by the Coast Guard.

Tower Height: 55

Height of Focal Plane: 58

Description of Tower: Conical limestone tower.

Listed on the Lighthouse Digest Doomsday List of endangered lighthouses.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1.5 story limestone keeper's house, 1897 brick fog signal building, iron oil house.

Date Established: 1820

Date Present Tower Built: 1867

Date Automated: 1963

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

The lighthouse is accessible by boat only. From Bill Edwards: A spot you MIGHT be able to see it (and that is a big "might") is from a state tourist "pull off" on the west side of St. Rt. 3, between Henderson & Sackets Harbor, NY. You will need something more powerful than my kid's binoculars but I "THINK" I saw an image that might be the light from that vantage point.

Keepers: Zenas Hastings (1820-1837), Goodale P. Lewis (1837-1839), John Pringle (1839-1849), Benjamin H. Henshaw (1849-1850 and 1851-1853), John W. Gill (1850-1851), Kendall Hursley (1853-1861), Theophilus Stevens (1861-1870), William Harris (1870-1871), Warren Fuller (1871-1876), Philander Tyman (1876), F. B. Johnson (1876-1906), Walter B. Harvard (1904), Robert C. Graves (1906-1933), Wiley E. Koepka (1933-1942), Gregory Garret (c. 1940, U.S. Coast Guard), Carl Williams (c. 1940, U.S. Coast Guard), Harry L. Benjamin (c. 1942-1945, U.S. Coast Guard), Harry L. Klein (c. 1942-1946, U.S. Coast Guard), Solomon Lieberman (c. 1942, U.S. Coast Guard), Ralph B. Nelson (c. 1942, U.S. Coast Guard), Millard E. Schuppenhaure (c. 1942, U.S. Coast Guard), Solzay Depula (c. 1943, U.S. Coast Guard), Benjamin Bengerman (c. 1945, U.S. Coast Guard), Jerome Mertz (c. 1945, U.S. Coast Guard), Walter B. Harrington (c. 1946-1947, U.S. Coast Guard), Warren Leifer (c. 1948, U.S. Coast Guard), Gary Lucy (c. 1948-1953, U.S. Coast Guard), ? Marse (c. 1948-1950, U.S. Coast Guard), Gilbert Nagel (c. 1948-1955, U.S. Coast Guard), Henry Montroy (c. 1953-1954, U.S. Coast Guard), Robert Smith (c. 1953-1954, U.S. Coast Guard), Norman Ziemer (c. 1954, U.S. Coast Guard), William Artz (c. 1955-1959, U.S. Coast Guard), Frederick Charbenneau (c. 1955, U.S. Coast Guard), Gordon Koscher (c. 1955-1958, U.S. Coast Guard), Earl F. Duffy (c. 1956, U.S. Coast Guard), Daniel Schultz (c. 1958, U.S. Coast Guard), Ronald Bennett (c. 1958-1959, U.S. Coast Guard), Earl H. Leyda (c. 1958-1960, U.S. Coast Guard); Ric Brienza (c. 1962-1963, U.S. Coast Guard)

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