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Name: Reedy Island Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Port Penn, Delaware, United States

Location: South end of Reedy Island, Delaware River.

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Photo: U.S. Coast Guard

This lighthouse was discontinued with the lighting of the Finns Point and Port Penn ranges in 1877, but it was reactivated two years later. There is still an active modern light near the former site of the lighthouse.

Height of Focal Plane: 32

Characteristic and Range: 1857: Fixed white; c. 1875: Fixed white for 60 seconds followed by 5 red flashes at intervals of 12 seconds. 1892: Fixed white.

Description of Tower: 1839: 44-foot round brick tower and two-story keeper's house. 1879: Square tower on original dwelling.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1839

Date Deactivated: 1949

Optics: ?: Nine lamps and 15-inch reflectors; 1851: 12 lamps and 14-inch reflectors; 1855: Fourth order Fresnel lens. By 1883: Fifth order Fresnel lens.

Fog Signal: Fog bell with striking machinery.

Current Use: Destroyed.

Keepers: Ephraim L. Lockerman (1850-1853), Matthew Durham (1853-1854), James R. Towns (1854-1861), William Webb (1861), E. L., Lockerman (1861-?), George W. Jones (1879-1909), Ida Jones (1909), F. C. Hill (c. 1927-1930), Felix H. Mitchell (1940-1949)

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