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Name: Mobile Middle Bay Light   Map it!

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Also known as: Middle Bay Light

Nearest Town or City:
Mobile, Alabama, United States

Location: Mobile Harbor / midpoint of the Mobile Bay ship channel.

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Managing Organization:
Alabama Historical Commission

Telephone: 334-242-3184


Contact Address Information:
468 South Perry Street
Alabama, 36130-0900, United States

Mobile Middle Bay Light was damaged in a 1916 hurricane. It was restored by the Middle Bay Light Centennial Committee in 1984, and stabilized in 1993. A new renovation begun in September 2002 was completed in 2003. As part of the renovation a skeletal tower holding the light atop the lighthouse was replaced by a shorter mast. In 2013 it was discovered that some of the steel support rods that support the lighthouse had broken. The Alabama Historical Commission had promised $30,000 per year to maintain the lighthouse, which it did not. In June 2013 the lighthouse was added to the Lighthouse Digest Doomsday List of Endangered Lighthouses.

Tower Height: 48

Height of Focal Plane: 48

Characteristic and Range: Red flash every 6 seconds.

Listed on the Lighthouse Digest Doomsday List of endangered lighthouses.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1905 1.5 story hexagonal wood keeper's quarters integral to tower; foundation: screw piling with platform.

Date Established: 1885 (12/1/1885)

Date Present Tower Built: 1905

Date Deactivated: 1967

Date Automated: 1935

Optics: 1885: fourth order Fresnel lens (now on display at Fort Morgan Museum); now 155 mm (hazard warning)

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

Accessible by boat only. Cruises offered by Making Waves Charters provide views; see or email, or call 251-443-9463.

Mapquest URL: Click here to get a map to this lighthouse!

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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