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Name: Roanoke Marshes Light (old)  

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Nearest Town or City:
Manteo, North Carolina, United States

Location: Croatan Sound, southwest of Roanoke Island.

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Photo: U.S. Coast Guard
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An earlier lighthouse in this vicinity was in use 1831-1839. Some of the parts of the 1858 lighthouse were incorporated into the Nansemond River Lighthouse in Virginia. In the mid 1950s the government wanted the abandoned lighthouse removed from the site. They accepted a $10.00 offer from Elijah Tate, a marine salvager, to remove the lighthouse. While attempting to move the structure to land, a storm hit the area and the lighthouse tipped over and sank. At the same time, Tate was also moving the nearby Wade Point Lighthouse, and it met the same fate. The 1877 lighthouse was replaced by a modern automatic light on the original foundation in 1955. (The old foundation has been removed in recent years.) The Town of Manteo has constructed a replica of the lighthouse on the town's waterfront (see separate entry).

Description of Tower: 1858: Hexagonal cottage-style dwelling with lantern on top, on screwpile foundation. 1877: Lantern on roof of rectangular cottage-style dwelling, on screwpile foundation; 33 feet high. This lighthouse was about 100 yards SSW of the previous lighthouse.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1858

Date Deactivated: 1955

Current Use: Destroyed.

Keepers: J. M .Daniel (1857-?); J. B. Casey (assistant 1857-1859); C. H. Daniel (assistant 1859-?); Thomas M. Gard (circa 1860s); George W. Owens (assistant, circa 1860s); B. Gard (assistant, 1860s); Thomas M. Gard (1867-1869); Avery J. Austin (assistant 1867-?); Avery Tillett (assistant 1867-?); Mrs. Calenda Gard (assistant 1868-?); William H. Bassnight (assistant 1869 -?); L. John Pugh (1869-1874); Matthias Hayman (assistant 1869-?); Willis Tillett (assistant 1870-?); Peter Gallop (assistant 1873-1874, head keeper 1874-1878); Asa Hight (assistant 1874-?); Thomas W. Daniel (assistant 1874-?); Samuel M. Daniel (Daniels?) (assistant 1875-c. 1878); Little John Pugh (assistant 1878-?); Charles P. Meekins (1881-1892?); Chester J. Dough (assistant c. 1881-?); George H. Wood (assistant 1890-?); Joseph B. Daniel (assistant 1891-?); Robert M. Jennett (assistant 1892-?); Ephraim H. Riggs (1892-?); Walles L. Barnett (assistant 1901-?); George M. Scarborough (assistant 1901-?); Isaac C. Meekins (assistant 1903-?); Charles Haywood Fulcher (assistant 1905-?, head keeper circa 1930s); Isaac C. Meekins (assistant 1906-?); James Oliver Casey (?); Unaka Benjamin Jennette (1939-1943); Dallas Quidley Sr. (?-1944); Berry Stowe (c. 1940s); David Farrow (1953-1954); Fulton Whidbee (?)

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