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Name: Rockland Breakwater Light  

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Also known as: Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light

Nearest Town or City:
Rockland, Maine, United States

Location: Rockland Harbor, Penobscot Bay.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont
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Managing Organization:
American Lighthouse Foundation (Friends of the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse Chapter)


Contact Address Information:
P.O. Box 741
Maine, 04841, United States

Tower Height: 25

Height of Focal Plane: 39

Characteristic and Range: Flashing white every five seconds.

Description of Tower: Square brick tower attached to fog signal building and dwelling.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1902 1.5 story wood keeper's house (integral to tower), 1902 brick fog signal building (integral to tower).

Date Established: 1902 (10/30/1902)

Date Present Tower Built: 1902

Date Automated: 1964

Optics: 1902: Fourth order Fresnel lens, now VRB-25.

Fog Signal: 1902: First class Daboll fog trumpet; now automated fog horn with one blast every 15 seconds.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? Grounds only.

From US Route 1 North in Rockland, turn right on Waldo Avenue. After about a half mile bear right onto Samoset Road. After another half mile there is limited parking at the road's end. A path leads to the breakwater. It takes about 20 minutes to walk out to the lighthouse. Walking over the breakwater can be rough going, especially in bad weather. The lighthouse can also be seen from a number of cruises in the Rockland area, including lighthouse cruises on board the Lively Lady Too out of Camden; call (207) 236-6672 or visit for information.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: (Special thanks to Ted Panayotoff for this list) Eba Ring (caretaker of earlier beacon, 1888?-?); Llewelyn C. Ames (caretaker of earlier beacon, c. 1895-1902); Howard P. Robbins (1902-1909); Clifford M. Robbins (assistant, c. 1902-1908); Charles W. Thurston (1909, died 12/24/09); Leroy S. Elwell (assistant, 1909, keeper, 1909-1916); Harold I. Hutchins (1916-1917); Edward J. Collins (assistant, 1909); Harry Smith (assistant, 1910); Albert D. Mills (assistant, 1912); Wallace M. Pierce (assistant 1913-1915); Fairfield H. Moore (1917-1921); Albert P. Tribou (assistant 1921-1923); Winfield P. Kent (1921-1925); Ernest V. Talbot (assistant 1924); Leroy S. Elwell (1925-1928); Fairfield H. Moore (1928-1934, died 4/13/34); Bernard A. Small (assistant 1928); William L. Lockhart (assistant 1930-1931); Earle Emery Benson (assistant, 1931-1934); George E. Woodward (assistant 1934, then keeper 1934-1945); Weston E. Thompson (assistant, 1935); Ernest F. Witty (assistant 1935-1942); Carol A. Hollowell (Coast Guard, c. 1942 and 1951); Rengo Peccioli (Coast Guard, c. 1942); Anthony Kuckta (Coast Guard, c. 1942); Frank Pasicka (Coast Guard, 1942-?); Harry W. Metz (Coast Guard, 1942-1943); John E. Dalton (Coast Guard, c. 1943); Walter Campbell (Coast Guard, c. 1943); Stephan Walach (Coast Guard, ?-1943); Ronald E. Herbet (Coast Guard, 1943-?); Joseph Morressey (Coast Guard, 1943-?); Francis W. Sheehan (Coast Guard, 1943); Howard Ball (Coast Guard, 1943-?); Nathan Penn (Coast Guard, 1943); Cedric Forbes (Coast Guard, 1943-?); Steve S. Roper (Coast Guard, c. 1943); Larry Springer (Coast Guard, c. 1943); Steve Kopera (Coast Guard, c. 1944); David Goldenberg (Coast Guard, 1944); Arthur F. Silva (Coast Guard, ?-1945); Donald Miller (Coast Guard, 1945); James H. McKenna (Coast Guard, 1945); William Stillman (Coast Guard, 1945-1946); Frank Edwards (Coast Guard, 1945-1946); William Broderick (Coast Guard, 1946); Joseph F. Lundquist (Coast Guard, 1946); Edward Sterling (Coast Guard, 1946); Willard Benson (Coast Guard, 1946); Lloyd Lewis (Coast Guard, 1946); James M. Harris (Coast Guard, 1946-1947); John Alexander (Coast Guard, 1946-1947); Joseph M. Mansfield (Coast Guard, 1947-1948); David L. Atkinson (Coast Guard, 1947); Joseph J. Lambert (Coast Guard, 1947); William H. Parsley (Coast Guard, 1947-1948); Henry Blandeau (Coast Guard, 1948-1949); Armond E. Nelms (Coast Guard, 1948); Thomas Leroy Winters (Coast Guard, 1948); Boyce R. McKee (Coast Guard, 1949); Richard C. Ames (Coast Guard, 1949-1950); F. W. Miller (Coast Guard, 1949-1950); Thomas B. Jeffries (Coast Guard, 1950); Frank W. Alley (Coast Guard, 1950); Joseph Medeiros (Coast Guard, 1950); James R. Wilson (Coast Guard, 1950); Christopher Tucker (Coast Guard, 1950); Richard M. Kosick (Coast Guard, 1950); Robert D. Coppens (Coast Guard, 1950); Edward J. Ryan (Coast Guard, 1950-1951); George J. Foley (Coast Guard, 1951); John A. Johnson (Coast Guard, 1951-1952); Robert P. Ouellette (Coast Guard, 1951); William F. Liekerbniect (Coast Guard, c. 1951); Roy V. Lauder (Louder?) (Coast Guard, 1951 and 1964-1965); ? Parker (Coast Guard, c. 1952); James E. Murry (Murray?) (Coast Guard, 1952); ? Quattromone (Coast Guard, ?-1952); Dannie Davis (Coast Guard, c. 1952); Leo S. Enchard (Coast Guard, 1953-?); George A. Roderigue (Coast Guard, 1953); Daniel A. Elliott (Coast Guard, 1955); Robert T. Boody (Coast Guard, 1955); Otis Jackson (Coast Guard, 1956-1957); Robert James Yered (Coast Guard, c. 1957?); Luther M. Smith (Coast Guard, 1960); Lee H. Cushing (Coast Guard, 1962-1963); W. O. Wallford (Coast Guard, 1964); Vinal A. Foss (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, 1945); BM1 Weston E. Gamage, Jr. (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, 1945-1950); Leland (Leyland?) B. Beal (Coast Guard Officer in Charge1950-1955); Harry Watters (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, 1951); Edward A. Whitmore (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, 1951); Warren "Tommy" Ayres (Coast Guard, c. 1951-1953); John Kusmierazak (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, 1955-1960); Charles H. Verrill (Coast Guard assistant 1959, Officer in Charge, 1960); Stephan D. Hansen (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, 1960); Lawrence F. Crouse (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, 1960); Richard T. Hassett (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, 1961); Charles A. Balsdon (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, 1962); Murray A. Berger (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, 1964); SA Charles A. Bailey (Coast Guard, 1964); Larry A. Plummer (Coast Guard assistant 1964-1965)

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